With today’s importance being placed   on “ Green Building “ and  energy efficiency, we at C W Designer Homes , Inc. are continuous striving to bring our customers the latest technology and energy savings offered thought out the building industry.

Benefits Building Green Homes
• More affordable month after month
• They are healthier for your family
• They are more comfortable
• The materials are more durable
• They require less maintenance
• They have higher resale value (if you ever want to sell it!)
• They provide peace of mind
• And, by the way, they are much kinder on the environment

Energy efficiency makes a home comfortable. Orientation to the sun, window selection and placement, selected air conditioning and heating system, plus many other items makes our homes comfortable. We design for your maximum comfort and pleasure. In our designs, we take each living area and deliver comfort, accessibility, and efficiency. From the placement and heights of  windows, kitchen layouts, and how the home adapts to your everyday living requirements and lifestyle.

Exciting designs for today's lifestyles. Today we are seeing many new products and systems that can directly affect your home in its function and design.

Our passion to quality stands out in every home we build. Our construction teams are selected to provide you our high quality standards.
We believe your home (we design and build) will reflect your lifestyle and individual needs and requirements.